The Midleton Archaeology and Heritage Project was established to explore the history and heritage of the town of Midleton, Co. Cork and it’s environs. Originally a not-for-profit initiative of Rubicon Heritage, the blog was created and is now fully maintained by Damian Shiels (Twitter: @irishacw).


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  1. Jennifer O'Sullivan

    Would be interested to read the TY project on those who lived on the Main Street in the 1901 census. Is it accessible on the blog?? Regards, Jennie.

  2. Anne Mesilio

    I am searching for any information for one Richard Joseph Fitzgerald, from Middleton (1881-1956) who became Bishop of Gibraltar from 1927-1956. Any information on his early life, family, school etc would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

    • Patrick O' Brien

      Hi. Anne Just letting you know that Bishop Fitzgerald was a priest in Macroom immediately prior to he being consecrated as Bishop of Gibraltar. There is a notable flagstone over his grave in the Cathedral in Gibraltar. P. O’Brien Macroom

    • Margaret Mallinger

      Hello Anne, I am wondering if you were able to obtain any information on the family of Richard Joseph Fitzgerald. We were told he was a relative of my great-grandfather but, so far, I have not been able to substantiate that. My great- grandfather was Edward FitzGerald of Midleton who left there as a teenager and went to England, raising a large family in Bristol. I am trying to find the birth of Edward. His father was Michael and was apparently a land steward.

  3. Anne Mesilio

    Date Age Event Title
    12 Aug 1881
    Born Midleton, Ireland
    15 Aug 1905
    24.0 Ordained Priest Priest
    25 May 1927
    45.8 Appointed Bishop of Gibraltar

    9 Oct 1927
    46.2 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Gibraltar

    15 Feb 1956
    74.5 Died Bishop of Gibraltar

    MicroData Summary for Richard Joseph Fitzgerald:
    Bishop Richard Joseph Fitzgerald (born 12 Aug 1881, died 15 Feb 1956) Bishop of Gibraltar

    I would really appreciate any help ref information relating to his early life in Middleton. Thanks.

    • Bert Ahern

      His family owned a drapery business on the Main Street of Midleton in the early part of the 20th Century. It was I think in the premises that later traded under the name of Morley’s, again as a drapery business. (I don’t know what name is on the premises now.). This business was run by the father of Roger Morley the local solicitor.

      The 1901 and 1911 census should throw some light on the family.

      I remember a brother of the Bishop – a lovely old man named John Fitzgerald who lived next to us in College View for a while. He died some time in the 1970’s and is, as far as I know, buried locally. One interesting person who visited him on a few occasions was a Miss Durante (don’t know her first name). She was a sister of a famous actor of the 1930’s and 1940’s called Jimmy Durante. From recollection, she knew the Bishop quite well from her time in Gibraltar. She stayed in Bantry for quite a few years. She worked in the Rowa Pharmaceutical company, being employed there for her linguistic skills.

      I know this info is limited and may be too late for your purposes, but you may revisit this topic at a later date.

      • Anne Mesilio

        thank you so very much for this info….really appreciate it…happy new year!

  4. Christine Richardson

    Hi there,
    I am interested in old photos of Midleton and am in search of a good quality photo of the Main Street to be framed! Would you know of where I might purchase such a photo? Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

  5. Catherine O'Connell

    Hi, I am a grand niece of Michael Moloney mentioned in the Egg story. My grandfather was Henry J. Moloney brother of Michael and my grandmother was Nora O ‘Mahony. Moloney’s moved to Midleton in 1905/06 from Skibbereen. O’Mahonys had a drapery shop on Main Street. I have been doing my family tree for some years now but cannot find out where Denis O’Mahony was from. Can anyone help please. I have a photo of Michael Moloney in uniform.


    Catherine O’Connell.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Hopefully one of our readers can help! We would love to see the photo of Michael as well- he is mentioned quite a bit during the war in the newspapers.

      Kind Regards,


  6. Chris Mullen

    Does Midleton Hertiage include anything as far out as Young-grove in Dungourney ? I have family born in Rathcanning and Young-Grove named Murphy and Sullivan, and am interested in the Turpin estate in Young-Grove. Wondering if you hold any records or photographs regarding it.

  7. Robin O'Brien

    I’m the great grandson of John and Kate O’Brien mentioned in the 1901 main st. census as living at 25 main st (now Shanghai House). If you or anyone on this board happens to have any detailed information, photos, etc of any of the family, the shop, or just the street in general from the time we’d love any/all. My sister (Kate, naturally) has done a lot of great genealogy research but we’re short on photos and detailed info in general. We’re actually heading to Midleton for a visit tomorrow and were so excited to find this 1901 posting so we can go to their actual address. thanks a million!

  8. Ian McIntosh

    Doing research trying to find family members of a British Seaman who is buried at Ft. Rosecrans in San Diego California. James Frederick Hynes was born in Middleton on 12 December 1897 and served in the British Navy on the HMS New Zealand during WW1. He was sick with pneumonia and died in the San Diego Naval Hospital on 5 December 1919. I am very curious to know if he has any family members available for me to get in touch with. I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you.

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